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Knadel Solutions

 Empowering financial services firms to achieve best practice in the selection, onboarding and ongoing management of their suppliers

About Knadel Solutions

Knadel Solutions is the leading independent specialist in supplier management for the financial services industry. 

We understand the critical role of suppliers, and we provide Advice, Services and Technology solutions to ensure you receive the ‘right service, at the right price, for the right risk’.

We have the data, insights and solutions to empower our clients with the processes and oversight to ensure their suppliers deliver the right outcomes on an ongoing basis.



Leveraging industry experience, peer group data and market insights to optimise your use and management of suppliers.

From pre-selection operating model design, through sourcing strategy and selection, into onboarding and ongoing management


Delivering cost effective outsourced supplier management services, enabling scalable growth and regulatory compliance, without detracting from your core competencies


SupplierVision is the leading supplier management system for the financial services industry which empowers you with the data and tools to manage and oversee your suppliers, and demonstrate regulatory best practice

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