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The leading supplier management system for the financial services industry
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One Secure System

Govern your suppliers and manage them with ease. No more relying on spreadsheets, emails and paper documents. Everything managed with secure workflow, alerts and document storage.

Meets Your Regulatory Obligations

SupplierVision has a unique ability to demonstrate to regulators and your investors that you have a central workflow and reporting system to control all supplier management activities. A comprehensive audit trail that meets increasingly demanding regulatory requirements without increasing headcount.

Improve Controls and Efficiency

Benefit from significantly improved management and control of your suppliers, ensuring all governance is performed effectively and uses best practise workflow to achieve efficiencies.

Key Product Features


  • Perform supplier assessments

  • Determine supplier materiality

  • Set governance frameworks

  • Monitor adherence to these frameworks


  • Stores contracts

  • Compares contractual terms

  • Identifies who with, and where services are provided


  • Monitors KPI performance

  • Compares suppliers service  performance

  • Reports supplier performance


  • Notifies when key events are due e.g. due diligence

  • Ability to sign-off event completion

  • Stores event related documentation


  • Allows the creation of governance structures

  • Manages supplier meetings

  • Stores related document e.g. agendas, minutes


  • Tracks near misses, errors or breaches

  • Monitors compensation paid

  • Stores remediation plans


  • Allows issues to be raised and assigned

  • Tracks progress

  • Monitors resolution performance


  • Allows actions to be raised and assigned 

  • ​Tracks progress in completing them​

  • Stores actions e.g. from supplier meetings and due diligence


  • Records and notifies suppliers of change requests

  • Tracks the status of their delivery

  • Monitors how effective the supplier is at delivering change


  • Supports the identification of vendor risks

  • Allows risks to be assessed

  • Notifies when the next risk assessments are due

  • Tracks fees paid to suppliers

  • Compares fees against budgets

  • Can analyse fees at a product, service or cost centre level


  • Power BI integrated reporting allowing users to create their own reports and dashboards

  • Allows comprehensive reporting to management, clients and regulators


"SupplierVision is intuitive and easy to use"

Our Clients

Our Clients include:

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Our Clients include:


Our Clients include:

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